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North America: Canada, Greenland, Australia

Pond Inlet Itinerary North America
from $23,318.58
price per person Taxes included
10 reservations in 48 hours
Silver Endeavour | Aug. 8, 2024
Duration: 10 nights
Departure from: Pond Inlet Landing: Pond Inlet
1. Pond Inlet,
2. Parco Nazionale Sirmilik,
3. Beechey Island,
4. Baffin Island,
5. Beechey Island,
6. Devon Island,
7. Dundas Harbour,
9. Ellesmere Island,
10. Qaanaaq,
11. Yorkeys Knob,
12. Pond Inlet

North America: Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland

Pond Inlet Itinerary North America
from $20,041.78
price per person Taxes included
6 reservations in 36 hours
Door-to-door Port-to-port
Silver Endeavour | Aug. 18, 2024
Duration: 16 nights
Departure from: Pond Inlet Landing: Reykjavik
1. Pond Inlet,
2. Parco Nazionale Sirmilik,
3. Buchan,
5. Auyuituq National Park,
7. Pangnirtung,
8. Kekerten Island,
9. Monumental Island,
10. Lady Franklin Island,
12. Sisimiut,
14. Qaqortoq,
15. Hvalsey,
18. Skoldungen,
19. Tasiilaq,
20. Reykjavik,
21. Reykjavik
2 cruises
History of Pond Inlet: Cultural Heritage and Millennial Traditions Located in the far north of Nunavut, Canada, Pond Inlet is a city rich in history and culture. Founded in 1949 as the Canada Mounted Police Station, the town has a long tradition of Inuit settlement dated back thousands of years ago. Ancient Arctic traditions and arts are still alive in Pond Inlet, making it a unique destination for those who want to immerse themselves in indigenous culture. Arctic Climate: Authentic Experience in the Great North Pond Inlet's Arctic climate offers an authentic experience in the Great North. With long, harsh winters and cool summers, visitors can enjoy breathtaking snowy landscapes, spot Arctic wildlife and go on unique excursions. Aurora borealis dances in the night sky during the winter months, providing an unforgettable spectacle for lucky observers. Attractions not to be missed in Pond Inlet Pond Inlet offers a variety of attractions that capture visitors' attention. From the atmospheric Eclipse Sound fjord, where it is possible to spot icebergs and whales, to the Pond Inlet Community Museum, which tells the story of the region's history and culture, each place to visit offers unique and unforgettable experiences. Local Gastronomy: Authentic Northern Flavours The local cuisine of Pond Inlet celebrates the traditional flavours of Inuit people and local produce. Typical dishes include fresh fish caught in the surrounding waters, seal and caribou meat, as well as berries and wild herbs. The restaurants offer an authentic dining experience that allows visitors to taste the unique flavours of the North. Experience a Unique Adventure with a Pond Inlet Cruise For an extraordinary experience in Pond Inlet, book a cruise that departs directly from this fascinating Arctic city. Cruises offer the opportunity to explore the crystal-clear waters of the Arctic, spot local wildlife such as seals and polar bears, and immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the region. Thanks to a cruise from Pond Inlet, you will experience unique and unforgettable adventures in one of the most fascinating places in northern Canada.

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