Photos MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia Cabins

Inside (I1)

Inside (I2)

Wellness Interior
Wellness Interior (IW)
Deck: 13

Family Oceanview
Family Oceanview (FMO)

Super Family Oceanview
Super Family Oceanview (FPO)

Outside (O1)

Outside (O2)

Wellness Oceanview
Wellness Oceanview (OW)
Deck: 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Balcony Cabin
Balcony Cabin (B1)

Balcony Cabin
Balcony Cabin (B2)

Balcony Cabin
Balcony Cabin (B3)

Wellness Balcony
Wellness Balcony (BW)
Deck: 5, 8

Family con Balcone Fantastica
Family con Balcone Fantastica (FMB)

Super Family Plus with Balcony
Super Family Plus with Balcony (FPB)

Aurea Duplex Suite
Aurea Duplex Suite (D3)
Deck: 12

Family (F)

Super Family Plus
Super Family Plus (FP)

Suite Aurea
Suite Aurea (S3)

Suite with Balcony
Suite with Balcony (SA)

Yacht Club (Deluxe Suite)
Yacht Club (Deluxe Suite) (YC1)

Yacht Club Deluxe Suite
Yacht Club Deluxe Suite (YC2)
Deck: 15

Yacht Club (Royal Suite)
Yacht Club (Royal Suite) (YC3)

Deck: 14

Yacht Club Deluxe Suite
Yacht Club Deluxe Suite (YH1)

YACHT CLUB Interior Suite
YACHT CLUB Interior Suite (YIN)
Deck: 9, 12

Discover Family and Superfamily staterooms for your unforgettable cruise!

MSC Meraviglia, the new ship of the new Vista class, offers cutting-edge services to grant big surprises to all its guests. The amazing features on board are the Family and Superfamily staterooms that can host from 6 to 10 passengers altogether.

MSC Cruises, market leader of Mediterranean, South America and South Africa created a milestone.
MSC Meraviglia will be the biggest and most original cruise ship ever built by a global cruise company with headquarter in Europe.

The ship will be equipped with cutting edge technology and a range of avant-garde services such as the 'Near Field Communication' technology for mobile applications and the use of devices that allow the passengers to interact on board and select and plan their activities. That is why the ship is a real smart ship!
Such technology will allow the passengers to make payments, access their cabinsand to geo-localise their kids and friends in any area on board by using their cabin card or their smartphone.
MSC Meraviglia have new categories of cabins, up to 10 different typologies, one different from the other to meet the needs of any kind of traveller: super familiar cabins, duplex cabins and further MSC Yacht Club services: a totally independent luxury deck, a wide solarium, a private hall and a dedicated restaurant.
On board of MSC Meraviglia, the passengers will enjoy 2 performances of the Cirque du Soleil that, since 1984 surprise and excite millions of spectators all over the world. The “Cirque du Soleil” and MSC Cruises started a partnership that will lead the Canadian company on board of MSC Cruises Vista Class, provided with a special theatre, the Carousel Lounge that host up to 450 people: a further reason to travel on board of MSC Meraviglia!
For the children, the ship is a dream come true: the DOREMI Studio Lounge for activities for the family and the DOREMI Tech Lab where the kids can express thei creativity and fantasy approaching the world of technology thanks to the amazing games by Lego and Chicco.
MSC Meraviglia is the ship that all the cruise lovers were waiting for: book your cabin and get the best place to enjoy the sea!